2020 has been an exceptionally strange year that has stressed the importance of having easy and accessible health care available for all communities. In the United Kingdom over 80% of the population live within a 1 mile radius of a pharmacy, this is just incredible! However, not everyone knows that and in order to better serve our precious communities it is important for us to spread this valuable news. That is why we at Saydon Pharmacy are encouraging all of our patients and customers to become health ambassadors for our community.


health ambassador


What is being a Health Ambassador all about?


Being a health ambassador is not at all complicated or something that you need to sign up to. Its simply about sharing your knowledge and experiences with your community. This can be done by leaving reviews, sharing information about healthcare services in the area and by supporting those that need a little more assistance than others.


We are grateful…


Over the years we have been so lucky to have such great health ambassadors for Saydon Pharmacy. People who have gone above and beyond to support us as well as the vulnerable people in our community. To everyone that has liked, commented on or shared our posts we are truly grateful. This also goes for everyone who has left us a review on Facebook, Google or Trustpilot. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you all and we would like to send out a massive thank you to each and everyone of you.



Become an ambassador for health in our community…


Every time you Like, Comment or Share one of our posts, you help to get our messages out to the community. We appreciate it every time you add your voice to ours. This is the reason we’re here. To talk to you, to help you, to keep you in good health.

If you haven’t done already, please Like Our Facebook Page to help spread information about  our services and of course to keep our community in the best of health. You can also leave us a review on Trustpilot by using the link below:



To find out more about the services we offer at Saydon Pharmacy simply contact our team.


Here’s to you and your health