book a flu jab on NHS in Birmingham

It’s absolutely safe to get a flu jab. To protect patients who are more likely to contract serious illnesses from the flu, the majority of pharmacies provide flu vaccines through the NHS. Keep reading to find out how to book a flu jab on the NHS in Birmingham.

When should you book a flu jab on the NHS?

The best time to get the vaccine is in the autumn or early winter before the virus has a chance to spread. You can still acquire it later though. One of the greatest methods to guarantee that you are safe against the flu for up to almost 6 months is to get the flu shot.

Can students get the flu vaccine?

Yes. If you attend or intend to go to a university, it is imperative that you have the flu vaccine. The flu virus is known to spread swiftly among teenagers and college students. Flu transmission is facilitated by common living quarters, crowded classrooms, and group social activities.

Make sure your teen or college-aged child gets the jab as soon as possible if you are a student or their parent.

book a flu jab on NHS in Birmingham

Is the flu jab on the NHS free in 2022?

Those eligible for the free flu vaccine on the NHS include:

– Individuals who are above 50 years old.
– Individuals with certain medical conditions.
– Pregnant women.
– People in long-stay residential care.
– People who receive a carer’s allowance or are the sole carer for a disabled or an elderly person whose chances of contracting flu from the carer are high.
– Social or frontline health care workers.
– People staying with those who are more susceptible to sicknesses and infections. They include a person with HIV, someone undergoing treatments for particular conditions, for example, lupus, cancer, or rheumatoid arthritis, and those who’ve had a transplant.

How many times should you book a flu jab on NHS? 

The flu vaccine generally varies from year to year as it is modified based on the flu strain. Therefore, if you are aged 6 months and above, it is recommended that you have a flu vaccine every year.

Why is the NHS flu vaccine important?

The vaccine is the best way to guarantee that you’ll be immune from the flu and its serious complications.

Here are a few advantages of getting one:

– The vaccine protects you from getting sick, especially for those with chronic conditions.
– The flu vaccine has been shown to lessen the severity of infection in people who continue to have the flu despite vaccination.
– Receiving a flu jab reduces the possibility of hospitalisation with the illness.
– Pregnant women who receive the immunisation are protected both during and after delivery.
– It can prevent death in children.
– By getting the vaccination against the flu, you also protect people around you.

book a flu jab on NHS in Birmingham

Book your flu jab on the NHS in Birmingham

If you are unot eligible for a free NHS vaccine, you can still get a private flu jab.

Contact Saydon Pharmacy for more information and to book your flu vaccine.

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