All about Diabetes Treatment in Birmingham


Over 3.9 million people in the UK are living with diabetes; a life long condition that drives blood sugar levels to rise to abnormal levels, causing illness. Here at Saydon Pharmacy we are committed to serving and protecting our community and that is why we are providing essential diabetes treatment in Birmingham.

Saturday the 14th of November was Word Diabetes Day. This is a day that is celebrated every year and is dedicated to spreading awareness about the condition as well as supporting those that live with it. To celebrate this and give back to the community of Castle Bromwich we have sourced 5 Glucorx meters to give to our patients free of charge every month!

A Glucorx meter is a high quality, multifunctional blood glucose monitor with advanced GDH-FAD enzyme technology for enhanced accuracy in self-management of blood glucose. They are extremely handy machines to have and are really helpful for patients that are looking to better manage diabetes

Please note: These are only eligible for those that are living with diabetes



Diabetic tips to support you


Never reuse an insulin pen – reuse will make for a more painful injection and can cause the needle to break

Don’t get caught short – always to make sure that you carry a Hypo Treatment with you in case of a hypo

Keep it at room temp – Always keep your blood glucose monitor at room temperature

Change your lancet – Lancets are single use and should be changed after each use

Treat your FeetGlucorx Allpresan is perfect for dry and chapped feet

Improve test accuracy – wash your hands thoroughly and dry. Discard the first drop of blood from your puncture site and use second drop for the blood glucose test this will ensure that the blood is purer for the test.


diabetes treatment Birmingham


Get the support you need at Saydon Pharmacy


Managing conditions such as diabetes can be overwhelming but our team at Saydon pharmacy want to ensure our patients that we are always here to support you. Whether you are simply wanting to collect your prescription or you want to speak to one of our pharmacists for support and advice concerning your diabetes treatment please feel free to  get in touch.