Going the extra mile


Here at Saydon Pharmacy we are committed to supporting and caring for our community. 2020 has been a difficult year for many and we want you to know that we have your back at all times. With GP’s becoming more and more difficult to visit and the second wave of COVID19 underway, there is a tremendous amount of stress on individuals that are looking to get basic medical advice. It is in these tough times that we have found a need to really reach out and go the extra mile for our community. We are doing this by providing free treatment and pharmacy services in Birmingham.


Speak to a Pharmacist First


Pharmacists are some of the most underestimated people in the world. Their expertise and experiences have geared them up to be able to provide not only essential support but exceptional amounts of healthcare advice. As well as being able to do this, pharmacists are the most accessible professionals in the healthcare sector, therefore if you are struggling to find an appointment with a GP, simply speak to one of our pharmacists. With free services and treatments at Saydon Pharmacy you will get the support you need.





Free Services at Saydon Pharmacy


We provide a wide range of free services at Saydon. From prescription delivery to emergency contraception, here are the services that we provide free of charge.


Free Prescription Delivery


If you take regular prescribed medication, you know how long it can take to order a prescription, collect it from your surgery, visit your local pharmacy and wait for it to be dispensed. We can take away the inconvenience of these extra journeys by arranging to collect your repeat prescription on your behalf and we can even deliver directly to your home for FREE!


Blister Pack Service


Blister Packs are extremely handy. These take the fuss, confusion and difficulty out of trying to remember to take medication at the correct time each day. Our Pharmacists will sort your pills by date and time ensuring that your medication is always organised, saving you time and keeping your dosage on track!


Morning After Pill


Mistakes do happen and sometimes they aren’t our fault. No appointments needed, easily accessible location and just a quick consultation, we ensure a hassle free service to all our patients. Simply walk in and ask to speak to one of our friendly and professional pharmacists about the morning after pill.


Minor Ailments Clinic


The list of what we can treat at Saydon Pharmacy is extensive. We are a modern prescribing clinic that offers NHS treatments in-store so you don’t have to visit your GP for minor ailments! Saving you time and energy! View the list of what we can treat here. 


Free Diabetic Meters


Millions of people in the UK live with diabetes and we want to help support those who suffer with this condition in our community. That is why we have sourced 5 Glucorx meters to give to our patients free of charge every month! Simply speak to one of our team members to find out more about this incredible offer.


New Medicine Service


This service is for people who have received their first prescription for a medicine. Our pharmacists will chat to you one on one about taking your new medication and tell you everything that you need to know before doing so.



free pharmacy services birmingham



If you are looking for a little extra support as well as free pharmacy services in Birmingham, the Saydon team is here for you! Contact us to find out more or visit us in store.


A little reminder…

This Christmas we have stocked the pharmacy up with some lovely Christmas gifts. Our shelves are full of perfumes and colognes as well as other goodies at great prices. You can purchase these from our online store or simply by visiting the pharmacy. We look forward to welcoming you; and remember, we are open till 18:30 on weekdays and 2pm on Saturdays; even during winter.