Are you looking for free prescription delivery in Birmingham?


If you suffer from a long-term illness, or care for someone who does, you may be reliant on regularly prescribed medication. Often, the process of ordering your prescription, collecting it from your GP and then waiting for it to be dispensed at your local pharmacy can be time-consuming. You also may be looking to limit your journeys at the moment, or have no one available to pick your medication up for you. We understand this; that us why we are offering to take the pressure away with our free prescription delivery in Birmingham. If you are finding it hard to get out at the moment, or are having to shield, your well-being is our top priority. Our completely free delivery service allows you to arrange collection and delivery of your repeat prescriptions directly to your door!



Free prescription delivery in Birmingham today



How can I access my free prescription delivery service?


We currently offer free prescription delivery in Birmingham from local surgeries near you. You can contact us to reserve a slot to suit you, and start saving yourself time today!




What if I am not vulnerable, but still want to limit my journeys?


Just because you are not in need of free home delivery, you shouldn’t have to miss out on our alternative prescription services. To make your healthcare more accessible, we are now on the NHS app. This service offers you the opportunity to order your repeat prescriptions at the touch of a button. After a simple setup, you can check your symptoms, book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access other healthcare services within seconds. The app gives you reliable, NHS-approved advice and information, from a medical hub that you can access at your fingertips.


Why not take advantage of this free healthcare tool and reduce your need to wait in long phone queues? You can download the app on the App Store or Google Play and search for your local pharmacy today.


Much like the app, we are always here when you need us. You can call or email us for more information about our services.