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When children are outside, it is critical to safeguard their skin to avoid skin damage or melanoma caused by excessive sun exposure. Starting early is among the best strategies to help your children develop appropriate sun protection behaviours. Sunburns and UV damage might raise your risk of skin cancer over time. Even one sunburn as a child can double your lifelong risk of melanoma. Continue reading to learn about sun safety for kids in Birmingham.

What is the importance of sun safety for kids in Birmingham?

We all require some exposure to the sun. Our bodies produce vitamin D when our skin is exposed to the sun, which aids in the absorption of calcium for stronger and healthier bones. Most people can obtain enough vitamin D in just a few minutes in the sun (and a huge percentage of vitamin D needs can be met with healthy eating and/or supplementation).

Skin damage, immune system suppression, eye damage, and skin cancer can all result from too much unsafe exposure to the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) radiation. Skin cancer can strike anyone, even those in their twenties, for example.

sun safety for kids in Birmingham

How do you explain sun safety to a child?

Begin early

When your child is over six months old, you should apply sunscreen to them before allowing them to go outside in the sun. Developing sun protection as a routine early in life can make it a lot easier for children to maintain this behaviour as they get older.

Create a behaviour model

Don’t forget to use sunscreen and follow the rest of the sun protection guidelines. Showing your children that you practise sun safety and setting a good example is one of the finest methods to teach them and establish a good example.

Get their school involved

You should not be the only one who stresses the importance of sun protection in your children’s lives. Discuss sun safety with their teachers. At school, make sure they’re practising and enforcing sun safety skills.

Make it enjoyable

If it’s something they like to do, kids are more likely to engage in sun safety. Connect sun protection to characters from their favourite shows, books, and movies. Remind children that these figures, as well as other mentors in their lives, use sun protection. Make use of music or games.

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Sun Safety Tips

sun safety for kids in Birmingham

What are the 5 Ss for sun safety for kids in Birmingham?

When enjoying the outdoors, Sun Safety means the practice of taking basic actions to reduce exposure to dangerous UV radiation. Everyone should protect themselves from the sun.

The 5 Ss are a useful rule of thumb for preventing skin cancer: “Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide.”

– Slip on sun-protective attire like a long-sleeved shirt.
– Slop on a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 minimum (50 is recommended for children) or higher every two hours and reapply.
– Slap on a hat with a wide brim.
– Seek shade or protection to avoid direct sunlight between the hours of 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.
– Slide on UV-protective sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.

How often should I put sunscreen on my child?

Apply sunscreen fifteen to thirty minutes before your child goes outside, and reapply after every two hours – or more frequently if your child is sweaty or playing in the water.

Sun bath

What SPF should I use for sun safety for kids in Birmingham?

Children aged 6 months and above should apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, but preferably higher. SPF formulations with a higher SPF filter more damaging rays than those with a lower SPF.

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