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Are you prepared for Hay Fever season in Birmingham?


March is finally here; with it will soon come the dreaded Hay fever season in Birmingham. Hay fever affects everyone in different ways; it is a mild inconvenience for some. For others, it can stop them from enjoying sunny days and warmer weather to the fullest extent. Don’t let Hay fever stop you – whether your symptoms are mild or severe, Saydon Pharmacy are here to help you. We have compiled this ultimate Hay fever guide to help you manage your seasonal symptoms.


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What is Hay fever?


Hay fever (also known as Seasonal Rhinitis) is one of the most common allergies to suffer from in the UK. Hay fever worsens when the pollen count is at its highest, which occurs numerous times throughout the year. Usually, Hay fever season occurs between late March and September, when it is especially humid, windy and warm. Unlike a cold, which normally goes away after 1-2 weeks, Hay fever can last for weeks or even months.


What causes Hay fever?


Hay fever is caused by the body creating allergic antibodies (or IgE) in response to allergens such as pollen.


Types of pollen to be mindful of throughout the year are:


– Grass pollen – May-July

– Tree pollen – February-June

– Weed pollen – June-September


hay fever season Birmingham


How do I know if I have Hay fever?


Symptoms of Hay fever include:


– A blocked or runny nose

– Itchy, watery or red eyes

– An itchy throat, nose, ears or mouth

– A loss of smell

– Sneezing and coughing

– Earache

– Headache

– Tinnitus


If you suffer from asthma, it may also provoke shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and tightness in your chest. You can find a list of further symptoms and guidance on the NHS and Allergy UK websites.


How can I treat Hay fever myself?


Unfortunately, Hay fever cannot currently be prevented or entirely cured. However, there are methods that can ease your symptoms.


To ease your symptoms, you should try:


– Staying indoors when possible, or monitoring pollen level forecasts

– Wearing wraparound sunglasses to keep pollen from entering your eyes

– Vacuuming regularly and dusting using a damp cloth

– Keeping windows and doors closed as much as possible


If you don’t want to aggravate your symptoms, it is recommended that you do not:


– Stay outside for extended periods of time

– Cut or walk on grass, especially if it is freshly cut

– Keep fresh flowers indoors

– Let clothes dry outside, as they can collect pollen

– Smoke, or be in the vicinity of excessive smoke, as this can aggravate your Hay fever


hay fever season birmingham


How can we help you this Hay fever season in Birmingham?


We understand that Hay fever can be a nuisance; if you visit us in store, we will be happy to help recommend the best treatments for you. These can include tablets, nasal sprays and antihistamine drops. These help ease troublesome symptoms such as sneezing, a blocked nose and itchy or watery eyes.

Don’t let Hay fever get in the way of your seasonal plans – call us or visit us in store today so that we can help ease your discomfort.


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This blog post was written on behalf of Saydon Pharmacy by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.