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Diabetes is a condition that people often do not know that much about. That’s why days such as World Diabetes Day (14th November) are vital in raising awareness for the condition. This year, we have created this ultimate guide to all things diabetes, including continuous glucose monitoring devices in Birmingham. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

What is diabetes?

Essentially, diabetes is a chronic condition that causes your blood sugar to rise to abnormal levels.

There are two types of diabetes:

Type 1: When your immune system fights your insulin-producing cells, damaging them.
Type 2: When your cells don’t react to insulin, or your body doesn’t produce normal levels of it.

How can I spot type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes generally manifests through symptoms such as: 

– Blurred vision
– Getting thrush repeatedly, or itching around your genitals
– Wounds or cuts taking longer to heal
– Feeling very tired
– Losing weight without trying to
– Feeling thirsty all the time
– Urinating more than usual, especially at night

How can I prevent type 2 diabetes? (continuous glucose monitoring devices & more)

Type 2 diabetes is a common lifelong condition that can affect your daily life. This is because you may need to have regular check-ups, take medicines and change your diet. Research cited by has shown that lifestyle changes can reduce your risk by around 50%.

Potential changes include: 

– Sustained weight loss
– A healthier diet
– An increase in physical activity

Further information surrounding the potential impact of lifestyle changes can be found in the video above.

How can I calculate my risk?

You are considered to be at higher risk of type 2 diabetes if you meet these conditions:

– Being aged 40+ (25+ for south Asian people)
– Having a close relative with diabetes (this includes a parent, brother, sister or child)
– Being of black African, African-Caribbean or Asian origin (even if you’re born in the UK)
– Being overweight or obese
– Having ever had high blood pressure

Additionally, if you are pregnant you are at a higher risk of gestational diabetes. Certain mental health conditions, such as depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia can also increase your likelihood of getting diabetes.

woman smoking

The following lifestyle factors can also play a part in your diabetes risk:

– Being a smoker
– Living a sedentary lifestyle
– Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol
– Having disturbed sleep

You can use the calculator on the NHS website to determine your personal risk.

continuous glucose monitoring devices

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