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Need a Covid Lateral Flow Test in Birmingham?


Following recent Government advice, two weekly Covid Lateral Flow Tests are now available nationwide. These tests allow individuals to identify, and act upon, asymptomatic cases. Saydon Pharmacy is proud to be offering the collection of free Lateral Flow Test kits, to offer you peace of mind.




Why do I need a Covid Lateral Flow Test?


Lateral Flow Testing is used in order to detect an active Covid-19 infection. It is designed to detect cases where someone may still be spreading the virus, despite a lack of Covid symptoms. Regular testing has been introduced as part of  the Government’s Covid-19 roadmap. This is because the discovery of previously-undetected Covid cases helps to halt the chain of transmission. Moreover, this scheme has been put in place to provide reassurance for those who are looking to leave the house more often. This could be due to a return to work, or visiting family members. According to the Pharmacy Services Negotiating Committee, the reasons why someone may participate in regular testing include:


– If said person is a child attending school, or forms part of a support bubble including one

– If they are presently working in a school, or represent part of a bubble that includes school staff

– Returning to work

– In the event that their healthcare professional or GP has recommended that they take a test


If a person tests positive, and subsequently self-isolates, this helps to stop the spread of the virus. Moreover, you will be protecting those around you, as well as yourself. This includes those who are considered vulnerable, and therefore at greater risk of developing serious Covid-associated complications.



covid lateral flow test birmingham



How does a Lateral Flow Test differ from a PCR test?


A Covid PCR test is used to detect viral RNA (ribonucleic acid), which forms part of the virus’ genetic code. However, a Lateral Flow Test checks for the specific antigen nucelocapsid protein SARS-CoV2. Both of these tests require swab samples. They differ in terms of analysis, however, as the LFT utilises a method similar to a pregnancy test. This also means that your results do not need to be analysed in a lab, as they appear within the kit itself.


Please Note: You should not take a Lateral Flow Test if you are currently experiencing Covid symptoms. In this case, you should order a PCR test. You should also ensure that yourself and your household are following current self-isolation guidance.




Get your Covid Lateral Flow Test in Birmingham


We are offering the collection of free Covid Lateral Flow Home Test Kits. The kits are easy-to-use, allowing you to complete the test at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, the kit includes all of the information you need to carry out the test. This includes specific instructions on how to collect your sample. The test requires a sample from your tonsils (alternatively, in the location your tonsils would have been), as well as a nasal swab.

Following this, you will receive your results within 30 minutes. The rapid nature of the test means that you will be able to carry on your day with peace of mind. However, you should still continue to adhere to Government guidelines. Similarly if you, or anyone you live with, tests positive, you are required to follow up-to-date guidance regarding self-isolating. Further information surrounding Lateral Flow Testing is included within the helpful video guide above.


Our main priority as a Community Pharmacy is to ensure that you have access to the healthcare you need. This is why we provide  services such as our Mobile Text Prescription Reminders  and  Free Prescription Delivery – to make your life easier for you. As a result of regular testing, we hope to provide you with some reassurance in these uncertain times.


You can contact our team for more information, or visit us to collect your free lateral flow test today!


This blog post was written on behalf of Saydon Pharmacy by Carla Moore from Pharmacy Mentor.