travel safely during covid birmingham


We’re all out of practice when it comes to travelling, whether that’s nationally or internationally. There are countless opinions, changing government guidelines, and news articles all offering different perspectives on travel; the list of rules and regulations seem to be ever-changing, leading to new levels of travel stress when looking to organise a trip. That’s why we have worked to create the ultimate 5 step health checklist, informing exactly how to travel safely during Covid using our Birmingham-based services.


travel safely during covid birmingham


1. Stock up on PPE

The rules in the UK have changed and although PPE, including face masks, is no longer enforced in the majority of public places, it is still advised. Using simplistic PPE such as a face covering is a quick and easy way to create a barrier between yourself and the virus. When travelling, the risk of contracting the virus does, unfortunately, increase – but that doesn’t mean that face coverings stop working. Masks not only keep you safe from others but others safe from you.


2. Maintain a 2m (6ft) distance

Keeping your distance in public settings where possible is another great way to ensure that you’re travelling safely during Covid. The current advice is that a 2m (6ft) distance should be maintained and although this isn’t something that is always possible, an effort should be made to adhere. Maintaining space when walking on the street, avoiding travel at peak times and choosing services with fewer people are good practices when travelling in unprecedented times.



3. Prioritise hand washing

When travelling, hand washing with antibacterial soap or gel should be one of the top priority items. In the situation where travel results in a large amount of contact between your hands and public surfaces (handrails, crossings, door handles etc.), the chance of picking up the virus is increased. By keeping antibacterial gel on your person and washing your hands as often as possible, the chance of virus transfer can be minimised.

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4. Take Regular Lateral Flow Tests

One of the key routes of the world constricted by the virus is to regularly take Rapid Lateral Flow tests, ensuring that knowledge of who has the virus is obtained. The Rapid Lateral Flow tests can be collected in-store or ordered to a home address before testing and should be regularly completed when travelling to build an accurate picture of the user status.

Please note: Rapid antigen tests should not be used by those that are currently displaying symptoms of Covid. You can find out more about Lateral Flow testing in our previous blog post.


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5. Get a PCR test if you have symptoms

PCR tests can be ordered to an address and posted back to the lab or can be completed by visiting a local PCR testing centre. Here visitors are able to take a Covid test to accurately determine whether or not they have the virus. This is imperative if symptoms are displayed. There are countless testing stations located throughout the country – these can be quickly located via the NHS website.



If you are stressed about travelling during Covid, there is no need to worry. Our dedicated pharmacy team is here to make sure that you jet off feeling reassured.

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